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An avid horror lover since the age of 12, Girl Afraid has kept herself immersed in the dark genre throughout much of her adult life. The creator of the online review site Horror Snark, Girl Afraid blends her critical eye for horror with her Smiths-inspired sarcasm to create the site which incorporates her snarky reviews with blogging. Upon moving to Austin from her native California, Girl Afraid founded Austin Horror, a group for local fans of the genre to meet like-minded individuals. She is eager and excited to bring her smart-ass nature to HorriFi through her trademark snarky reviews that show no mercy.

I am a self professed horror fanatic.  Horror is a genre of entertainment I choose to entertain myself with albeit movies, music, reading (novels, comics, graphic novels) and theater.  My early experiences with horror were in the form of movies as a kid.  We went to the drive in a lot and some of the first movies that scared the skin off me were Motel Hell and The Amityville Horror.

 I was fortunate to have parents that thought gory, bloody horror movies were harmless.  So far they were right, to this day I have not bludgeoned, stabbed or strangled a single person.  When we went to the video store of old (Mr. Video, Indy Video, Video Update, Phar-Mor movie section) I rented dozens of 70’s and 80’s horror movies.  Some were memorable, others utterly forgettable.  I loved how cheesy they could be, yet brutal with a heart pounding score.  I kept a tally of what was worth watching with my parents.  When Friday night came we would pop real popcorn, turn out the lights and watch what I deemed worthy.  They never objected and let me say I threw some very questionable material. 

 As I got older my taste in horror really never changed, however I have discovered how much I like foreign horror made films.  Although their endings can be very abrupt and sometimes without closure, I do like the stylistic horror that Italian directors Argento and Fulci .  I think Neil Marshall has a gift of storytelling yet doesn’t disappoint with the blood, violence and gore.  His movies are not the standard British horror style. He is one of my favorite’s, his version of werewolves in Dog Soldiers and the “don’t go in the cave” masterpiece The Descent are two of the best in the past decade.

 It’s my desire to absorb all that I can of this genre.  I want to review material from across the board:  movies, novels, comics, music, plays, etc.  If the subject matter is horror themed I want to have it in front of me.  I don’t care if it has a budget of $200 or $20,000,000.  I love to see what people come up with in their twisted little minds and how it comes across to me as the viewer.  I am a fan first and I want to see what YOU have.  Thrill me, amaze me and most of all SCARE me!  I’m looking forward to it.


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